About us

Melita Franko, dr. dent. med.

I was born in 1972 in Kranj, where I finished a high school of natural science and mathematics. I studied dentistry at the Medical faculty of Ljubljana. After my studies I volunteered for one year. During this time I acquired priceless experience.

My first employment took place in the Dental polyclinic in Kranj. I worked as a pediatric dentist in 2 primary schools. With time, I started to be interested more in adult dentistry, because there are many challenges in this field: because of countless novities education is needed all the time. When there was a vacancy for a job as an dentist for adults, I gladly accepted.

In the year 2007 I opened a private dental practice. I wish to offer my patients solutions that are possible with the use of the newest technology. This is why in 2012 I decided to buy a dental laser for soft and hard tissues. We are the only practice that owns this laser in Kranj. By using the laser I elevated the quality of dental procedures to my joy and the joy of my patient’s. The chosen laser offers numerous additional options for holistic treatment of patients which are already included in our practical work.

I have a daughter Janina, who already decided in her early childhood that she didn’t want to become a dentist. I like hiking in my free time and swimming during the summer. Because of the spine posture which I use during my work as a dentist, I practice the method called Feldenkrais.

I reguarly educate myself in the professional field at home and abroad. This is how I follow the trends in dentistry, where materials and technology are improving all the time. It enables me to offer the most modern and innovative techniques of treatment in my practice.

In our practice we always do our best for every patient and are never in a hurry for any service we provide, because otherwise it would affect the quality of the final product. That is why there are sometimes delays, for which we sicerely aologize to our patients in advance.


Jana Bregar, dr. dent. med.

Jana was born in 1982 in Kranj. She went to primary school and high school in Kranj and finished dentistry in 2009. She got her first job as an independent dentist for children and adults in ZD Tržič. After that she returned to Kranj, where she focused mostly on her work with adults, which insures constant contact with modern techniques and materials that are used in adult dentistry. He focuses on communication with patients and tries to respond to every question, because she is positive that including patients into treatment actively is the key and that results are also better if oral health habits continue outside our practice too.

She takes care not only of her professional education, but also her physical conditioning. She used to train swimming as a child in Triglav Kranj, now she spends her time cycling and jogging. She has two sons, who never run out of questions for her. That is how she keeps up in every field, which insures her to perform her work well without it being a burdon.

Anita Globokar Sejdič, degree in oral hygiene

Anita graduated in 2004 and so completed her studies as the first generation of oral hygienists in Slovenia. She has been working in the field of preventive dentistry, oral diseases and periodontal tissues for more than 10 years. Her primary education as a dental technician is a good basis and extremely helps her success in the field of oral hygiene.
Working with people makes her happy. Her biggest reward are her patients, who are aware of the meaning of prevention and take care of their oral hygiene with which they prevent parodonthosis or help the treatment.

She likes to spend her free time by the sea, where she does sports with her family.

Irena Kozelj, dental assistant

Irena has been a dental asistant since she finished school. Her first 15 years of work besides preventive education for children were spent in a practice specializes for children, where they performed treatment for children with special needs in general anaesthesia. After this she worked in a private practice for oral surgery for ten years. She has been working meticulously in our practice for ten years already. She likes her work, because she likes working with people.

She spends her free time on nature trips, lately she has been spending a lot of time with her grandchild.

Tamara Gogala, student of dental medicine, dental assistant

Tamara used to work in our practice as a dental asistant during her studies of dental medicine. During these years she also received a scholarship for talented students and kept an average of 8,7 out of 10. At the moment she is completing her internship as a dentist and taking laser courses.

She loves travelling and learning new languages. Keeping herself in shape with daily functional trainings or pilates is of vital importance to her. She also loves surfing and snowboarding.

Klementina Gogala, student of health care, dental assistant

Klementina je študentka 3. (zadnjega) letnika Fakultete za zdravstvo Jesenice. Njena hobija sta plavanje in rolanje, zelo rada pa tudi potuje. Všeč so ji predvsem topli kraji ob morju. V naši ordinaciji asistira že več let. Sama pravi, da so ji pri tem najbolj všeč novi izzivi v medicini in delo z ljudmi.

Meta Hrovat, student of dental medicine, dental assistant

Meta je študentka 6. letnika dentalne medicine. Že med študijem je spoznala, da imamo zobozdravniki na voljo veliko različnih materialov in postopkov za oskrbo pacientov. Z delom asistentke v zobozdravstveni ordinaciji tako pridobiva dragocena znanja, ki izhajajo iz praktičnih spoznanj, ter jih bo lahko v prihodnje uporabila za delo v svoji zobozdravniški praksi.

Prosti čas želi izkoristiti za stvari, ki jo napolnijo z energijo, poleti rada obiskuje okoliške hribe, pozimi pa izkoristi ustvarjalno žilico za okraševanje doma in daril.

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