A bit of fun

The waiting room

Dear patients,

you are invited to our renovated waiting room at the Dental clinic Kranj. We will let you know the day and the time of the opening.


The opening of the waiting room of my colleague, who is a gynecologist will take place at the same time. You can only imagine how alluring her waiting room is.

Meeting an old scoolmate

If you recognise us during your visit, it is better to keep quiet, otherwise this can happen to you:

I entered the dental practice of the dentist, who I had made an appointment with. I noticed her diploma on the wall and her surname, which was familiar. She was my schoolmate in high school, I also remembered being in love with her. Well, when she entered, I didn’t recognize her, she was full of wrinkles, fat, had grey hair and thick glasses. I couldn’t forget about it so I asked her: “Did you go to the high school at Aškerčeva?”
She replied that she had finished high school in 1972, and asked me, how I knew.
“Because we were together in the class!” I said happily.
And then this repulsive, evil person asks me: “Yes, but what did you teach again?”

Source: jokes from the internet.

Professional replacement

strokovno nadomescanje