Education in the field of general medicine


  •  Symposium on MRONJ – Drug-induced osteonecrosis of the jaws


  • Meeting of the allergological and immonological section SZD
  • Symposium – Dentist and drugs in dental medicine


  • Social platforms and digital marketing workshop
  • Digitalization and digital diagnostic procedures in dentistry


  • WDS Communication with media


  • Mediation and applicability of mediation skills in communication in health
  • Lecture and test of knowledge of emergency medical help for dental teams
  • Master Class: Intraosseous dental anasthesia by QuickSleeper
  • Lecture of emergency medical conditions in the dental clinic


  • A check-up on time can save a life- seminars and participating in the project
  • Contemporary fixed and removable prosthetic care step by step


  • Advanced mediation workshop – visual communication and practicing our skills for solving disagreements
  • Communication skills in dentistry
  • The use of CTCB shots in dentistry


  • symposium of dental prosthodontics: On evidence based prosthodontic treatment- from science to reality
  • ANKYLOS multi-indicative course (Dunaj)
  • Clinical procedures for achieving forseeable outcomes of regeneration and esthetic periodontal plastic surgery


  • Čelešnik’s days: Modern methods and new technologies in maxilofacial surgery and dentistry
  • Practicing mediation skills
  • An inspection of the oral cavity in time can save lives
  • The doctor and the journalist
  • The temporomandibular joint in relation to the neck spine


  • Mediation skills and a mediator in medicine – advanced course
  • Dental prosthodontics today for tomorrow
  • Disagreements, mediation skills and a mediator in medicine
  • Disagreements at work and why the use of mediation and mediation skills is useful
  • days of mediation 2013
  • International Dental Show (Köln)
  • Dental Meeting (New York)


  • Don’t take it personally
  • Basic surgical approaches in dentistry
  • Training course on G-aenial
  • Seminar of dental medicine 2012 (Hvar)
  • Urgent medical conditions in the dental practice
  • Reanimation course for dental workers
  • Treatment with full ceramic systems 2012
  • Fiber reinforced composites and their use in modern dentistry
  • How to say no without feeling guilty
  • Dental school conference (Valletta)


  • Understanding of people and the power of words – 1. part
  • Understanding of people and the power of words– 2. part
  • Communication and the understanding of difference
  • Verbalna and unverbal communication
  • Let’s talk about head and neck cancer
  • Seminar Društva zobozdravstvenih delavcev Slovenije
  • CEDENS – the day of Celje’s dentistry
  • Competence in Esthetics 2011 (Vienna)
  • International dental and health exhibition (Casablanca)
  • Professional dental visit (Edinburgh)


  • Čelešnik’s days: Extraction of teeth and preerving the alveolar bone in modern dentistry
  • Seminar 3GO (Arabba)
  • VDW Workshop Endodontics 2010 (München)


  • Republic professional seminar DZDS
  • A basic course of the use of the implant system ANKYLOS C/X
  • Implants in practice


  • Estetika v praksi – v živo: Sposobnosti kompozitov in polne keramike
  • Kompozitne izpolnitve
  • slovenski parodontološki dnevi


  • professional symposium for dental prosthetics: Modern views of prosthodontic care
  • Simple fixed prosthetics


  • slovenian dental days
  • slovenian periodontal days


  • professional seminar about oral and facial pain
  • professional symposium for dental prosthetics: Prosthetic care of patients with unhealthy periodontal tissues
  • Lyme boreliosis, clinical picture, microbiological diagnosis and treatment


  • Republic professional seminar


  • Approach and leading of pain


  • republic seminar DZDS
  • prosthetic seminar
  • Reanimation course for dental workers


  • Basic course of hypnosis


  • Čelešnik’s days


  • Chosen chapters from maxilofacial and oral surgery- Extraction of teeth