Laser procedures

Most people confess that they are not happy about visiting the dentist, because they associate him with grinding and pain. Laser technology has brought huge progress to dentistry, because dental procedures with the use of a laser are more comfortable and less painful than classical tooth treatments.

The energy of the laser beam has a specific and selective effect on exact dental tissues, while other sorrounding tissues stay completely unharmed.

Laser dental procedures aren’t only more comfortable and less painful for the patient, but also have quality and longlasting effects.

Soft tissue laser and hard tissue laser

In our practice we use a soft tissue laser Nd:YAG and a hard and soft tissue laser Er:YAG, because we can achieve a good outcome only with the combination of both lasers.

(1064 nm)

(2940 nm)
It absorbs itself in hemoglobin and pigments that are a part of the GUM. It absorbs itself in water, which is a part of the GUM, TEETH and BONE.
We use it to cut the GUM. We use it to cut ad remove the GUM, TEETH and BONE.
It is appropriate for simple procedures on the gum,not appropriate for teeth and bone. It is appropriate for more demanding procedures on the gum, we use it also on teeth and bone.
It has a thermal effect (hot cut), that is why procedures are painful and we need anaesthesia in most. It has a colder effect than soft tissue laser, that is why the procedures are way less painful, and we don’t need anaesthesia in most cases.
Healing is quick. Healing is very quick.
Because it penetrates deeply into tissues, it is great for disinfecting all kinds of tissues. It has a superficial effect.

For gum procedures the laser Er:YAG is used for it’s countless advantages ( a cooler cut, less painful treatments, a more beautiful and quicker gum healing…) more often than Nd:YAG.

The laser for hard and soft tissues (Er:YAG)  only 5% of practices in Slovenia have it and ours is among them.

The price of the Er:YAG is actually 10-times higher than the price of the Nd:YAG and other soft tissue lasers, because the technology of the Er:YAG production is very demanding, therefore there aren/t many companies in the world capable of producing such a laser. While working with a laser, the dentist has to have a wish for constant learning and discovering new fields of dentistry, where the laser can be used. Of course he also has to have the will and the time to constantly upgrade his knowledge.

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The advantages of laser procedures:

  • Less appointments,
  • Anesthesia during the procedure is usually not necessary,
  • Less invasive procedures,
  • Quicker healing,
  • Less bleeding,
  • Stitching of the wounds is usually not necessary,
  • Antiinflammatory effect,
  • Destroys bacteria,
  • Less infections

I would like to know more

You can get more information about specific procedures that can be performed by laser in the menu under Laser procedures. In the following video you can see what they look like in practice.