Facial rejuvenation through the oral cavity

Ageing, exposing our skin to the sun and smoking all lead to collagen distruction in our skin.

Because of collagen loss the skin becomes less elastic and moist and that is why it is saggier and less flexible. The wrinkles appear.

With laser to tighter and more youthful skin

With the laser energy Er:YAG (Smooth Mode):

  •  we stimulate formation of new, more functional collagen and elastin fibers,
  • we achieve immediate remodelling and shrinking-tightening of existing fibers.

An accelerated production of new fibers starts immediately and continues for 6 months after the last procedure.
The facial skin texture improves gradually, there is a longterm effect..

The laser tightening procedure

Laser rejuvenation through the oral cavity


With the procedure we can reach the lower part of the face that includes both cheeks, the lips, the part around the mouth and chin.

The procedure is appropriate for tightening and wrinkle reducing on the lower part of the face. Consequently the skin isn’t so saggy anymore, the texture and flexibility improve.

It is a quick and simple procedure that is performed only with a laser beam. We feel the beam as a mild warmth.

The procedure is appropriate for patients who don’t want to perform invasive surgical procedures and inject foreign material into their bodies.

In the following video you can watch the laser rejuvenation procedure.

Never noticeable exterior signs of the performed procedure

No sign can be seen on the skin right after the procedure, no indication of it (redness, skin peeling…) You can have a sensation of dryness and roughness in the mouth, which doesn’t last more than 1 to 2 days after the procedure.

The result- a totally natural look

The therapy doesn’t affect your facial expressions and doesn’t cause any uncomfortable sensations of face tightening. Your face has a totally natural , but refreshed look.

For an optimal effect we recommend 4 visits, which take place every 3 weeks. Because of natural skin ageing, we recommend to repeat the procedure after 12 to 18 months.

A comparison to other methods

Creams and other lotions against wrinkles aren’t enough effective to achieve results that we wish for.
Regularly performing facial muscle excercises (facial yoga) can have visible results, but it needs discipline, will and time
Surgical procedures on the face are very effective, but very agressive and there is a chance of side effects. Recovey takes time, which means the inability to perform our daily activities and obligations.
Injecting botox in hialuronic acid is a very widespread and effective method. We need to repeat the procedure every 6 to 12 months.
Our method for skin tightening is safe and not agressive. The result is a natural look, we don’t have to be afraid of looking unnaturally.

We don’t use substances and agressive chemicals, just stimulate natural repairing processes of the skin with the laser beam.

Clinical cases

Before After

Before After

I want to know more

In the following videos you can find a quick summary and an additional case of laser rejuvenation through the oral cavity (the videos are in English).

A quick presentation of the procedure – from New York

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