Oral hygiene is very important during orthodontic treatment. If it is inappropriate or not good, certain problems can appear soon, which have to be solved with treatment.

Problems that can appear during orthodontic treatment:

  1. Gum overgrowth that can cover certain parts of teeth,
  2. A mucose plicae (frenulum), that disables the teeth to close the gap between them.

Solution without a surgical procedure

When treating the mentioned problems with laser, we avoid unnecessary pain and long wound healing. We perform the procedure without anaesthesia and stiching.

After the procedure the teeth are aesthetically appropriate and enable proper daily hygiene.

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Laser treatment of overgrown gum

I want to know more

  • Eliminating the mucose plicae (frenulotomy) – you can watch this in the following video.
  • Eliminating the mucose plicae (frenulotomy) and the excessive tissue on the upper lip  you can watch this in the following video in which we documented a patient during the procedure.