Root canal treatment or edodontic treatment is necessary when there is an iflammation or death of the pulp of the tooth (a bundle of nerves and vessels inside the tooth), which is a consequence of deep caries or other extensive injuries. Bacteria appear in the root canals because of the inflammation or death of the pulp. In this environment they reproduce smoothly and inflict even greater damage.

If the granuloma, the chronical inflammation that is the consequence of the pulp inflammation, isn’t treated in time and most of all thoroughly, we can lose the tooth. That is why it is of great importance that we remove the entire inflamed or dead tissue with all the bacteria during treatment, so that the bacteria can’t reproduce. Otherwise the tooth can get inflamed again.

Why would we extract teeth, if we can treat them successfully?

Every tooth has a unique root canal anatomy. In addition to the basic canals we frequently have side canals.

We clean and rinse rooth canals in the classic way, which isn’t always successful, because we cannot clean te side canals, therefore te tooth still hurts.

Besides the classic method we also use the Er:YAG laser that achieves a total cleansing of the root canals (PIPS).

Lasersko čiščenje koreninskih kanalov je zelo učinkovito, saj laserski žarek doseže tudi mesta, ki jih s klasično tehniko ni mogoče doseči. Tako uničimo bakterije tudi na izjemno težko dostopnih mestih v stranskih kanalih, zato je končni rezultat zdravljenja zoba veliko boljši.

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How does the laser cleaning of root canals look like?

1. step (PIPS)
With the laser beam Er:YAG  we create photoacustic waves in the disifection liquid, which enables the cleaning of the entire root system of the tooth.

2. step

With the laser beam Nd:YAG we achieve deep disinfection of the walls of the root canal system.

I want to know more

In the following videos you can watch the procedure of laser root canal cleaning:

1. Step of laser root canal treatment (PIPS) – photoacustic wawes in the disinfection liquid in the root canal system of the tooth

1. and 2. step of laser root canal cleaning