Tingling teeth, pain, when we bite into warm or cold food, a chipped tooth, caries … These are only some of the most frequent reasons, why people visit the dentist. Many people postpone the visit although they are in pain, because they are afraid of the painful procedure that solves the problem.

The time, when dentists treated teeth with extremely invasive methods has passed. Thanks to laser technology dental procedures are way less invasive, besides that they have also other advantages, that decrease our visits at the dentist’s.

Less painful and more longlasting solution

Laser technology is very precise, because the energy of the laser beam affects only certain dental tissues. That’s why we can treat only the part of the tooth that needs treatment, the healthy part and other adjacent tissues stay untouched. Because the laser has a sterilizing effect, there are fewer inflammations after treatment.

With the laser we can perform demanding and simple procedures. Among the latter are:

  • eliminating the tingling from tooth necks,
  • herpes treatment,
  • aphthous ulcer treatment.

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More longlasting fillings, less visits at the dentist’s

During the classic procedure of making a white filling we achieve a rough surface by applying phosphoric acid.

During the laser procedure of making the filling we achieve a rough surface not only with phosphoric acid, but also with laser. That is how we achieve an optimal microscopical roughness for the binding of the material. That is why the fillings made by help of the Er:YAG laser are more longlasting.

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In the following video you can see laser removal of caries and the making of a white filling, or sign up for a check-up, where we will advise you individually.

Laser removal of caries and the making of a white filling

Laser herpes treatment and the making of a white filling