Between 30% and 40% of adults snore. Snoring can be temporary and appears as a consequence of a suffed nose during the periods of colds and allergies or as a consequence of polyps or the inflammation of sinuses. A greater bother is longterm snoring, that appears because of soft tissue movement during breathing- especially the uvula and soft palate.

Normal airflow

Snoring – obstructed airflow

Snoring – a dangerous habit for the snorer and his loved ones

A fact is that the snorers normally don’t realize their snoring is a problem. It bothers their partners much more, that is why snoring can lead to probems in the relationship.

Overcoming harder breathing during the time that is meant for resting can cause numerous problems like restless sleep, morning headaches, irritability, cronic tiredness, problems focusing, bad mood, excess sleepiness and a drop of libido.

Snoring is also one of the leading symptoms of obstrucktive sleep apnea (OSA), which cannot be missed, because it can lead to serious medical conditions (high blood pressure, aterosclerosis, a higher risk for heart and brain strokes, heart failure, arrhytmia, diabetes, obesety, deression, erectyle disfunction…).

We can prevent these problems by figuring out the reason for snoring and eliminating it as fast as we can. If the reason is soft tissue movement in the throat, we can do this in different ways:

  • with sprays (we don’t recommend longterm use),
  • with the use of orthodontic appliances (they can be very uncomfortable),

  • with the CPAP machine (it is required to use a breathing mask during sleep-it is extremely uncomfortable),

  • with a surgical procedure (anaesthesia is needed and a longer recovery period, because it is very invasive),
  • with a laser procedure (the NightLase procedure is unpainful, we don’t need anaesthesia, for a successful therapy we need three sessions).

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If the reason for snoring is in the pharynx, laser treatment can be a quick and successful solution. During the NightLase therapy, we employ the heat of laser beam to induce existing collagen shrinking and new collagen production in the oral mucosa. In this way we achieve that the soft palate and the root of the tongue tissue get firmer. Consequently, a free flow of air into the lungs is assured and the sound of snoring reduced.

The NightLase treatment has several advantages: the procedure is pain free and it does not require neither anesthesia nor the use of chemical substances. Laser therapy is therefore very safe and free of side effects.

2_A_SmrcanjeThe airway is obstructed, patient snores 2_B_SmrcanjeLaser therapy NightLase 2_C_SmrcanjeFree airway, snoring is reduced

In our dental practice we use two methods: Classic and Swiss. They differ in schedule and number of treatments. They are both highly effective and produce excellent results. Three or four laser treatments are needed for therapy to be successful. Each takes forty minutes; they are completed in a period of four or five weeks.

You can find a detailed description of the two methods in the following leaflet:


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    In the following videos you can learn about the reasons for snoring and the laser therapy procedure.

      • Why do we snore – video

      • Procedure of snoring elimination by laser