There are many advantages of surgical procedures performed with lasers in comparison to classical surgery:

  • We don’t use a scalpel,
  • The bleeding is reduced,
  • We normally don’t need to stitch the wounds,
  • Because they are less invasive, the wounds heal quicker,
  • Because the laser has a sterilizing effect, infections are less common.

For successful laser procedures and best results it is very important that the dentist has a laser for soft tissue as well as a lasr for hard tissue at his disposal. If we want to perform the entire procedure with the laser, we need to have both, because we can remove the bone only with the hard tissue laser. Removing the bone is very important in surgical procedures.

Did you know that …

… almost every dental practice in Slovenia has the soft tissue laser, and only 5% of the practices have a hard tissue laser? Our practice is among them.

A more comfortable healing process and quicker recovery for the patient

Thickened, inflamed or bleeding gums are besides pain the most common sign, that we have a problem, which needs proffesional care. Dentists have several methods how to solve the problem. Today classical dental surgery is often replaced by laser surgery.

In our practice we possess a soft and hard tissue laser, that’s why we normally choose laser surgery, because we insure a less painful treatment and quicker recovery in comparison to classical surgical methods.


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Healthier gum, healthier teeth

  • When we restore the tooth with a new crown and don’t take the rule of the biological width rule of the biological width into account, there can be inflammation and gum bleeding around the tooth
  • The adjacent implant tissue can also get inflamed.
  • A pocket can often appear because of the wisdom tooth. There can be swelling and problems swallowing. The laser is a perfect solution for getting rid of this pocket, because we remove it, remodel the gum and ensure better conditions for everyday cleaning.
  • Sometimes it is hard to eliminate all the inflamed tissue after extraction out of the alveola. That is why problems and swelling occur. To avoid this we can removed the inflamed tissue out of the alveola by laser directly after the extraction and disinfect it.

We can eliminate these problems quickly and simply with the lasers help without cutting and stitching as in surgical procedures, where we would need to use a scalpel.

With the laser we remove inflamed tissue, if needed thin the thickened gum and disinfect the inflamed area. Because of the sterilizing effect of the laser, complications after surgery are much rarer.

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In the following videos you can watch how some unsurgical laser procedures

Overgrown gum removal