Medical aesthetics includes a wide spectre of therapy with wich we reduce skin changes that can be a consequence of problems with the skin in youth, hormone changes, exposure to different negative impact like sunbathing, smoking and ageing.

In our practice we offer you:


Why do wrinkles form?

Young skin contains a lot of hyaluronic acid and collagen. With age the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin drops, that is why it becomes dry, it’s volume decreases, wrinkles form. Because age also causes collagen to collapse the skin starts loosing it’s elasticity and tightness.

We achieve great results in removing pigmented stains, scars and tiny wrinkles with laser peeling. We decide for laser skin tightening to improve the look of saggy skin and skin texture. In the case of deeper wrinkles we use fillings with hyaluronic acid and botox.

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Healthy teeth aren’t enough for a beautiful smile

Beautiful and healthy teeth are the basics of a confident smile, but in our practice we try to take comprehensive aesthetic care of the patient. Because we know everything about facial anathomy, we can advise you, correct and plan a comprehensive aesthetic procedure. With an idividually made prosthesis we can also achieve esthetic remodelling of the face. We can for example thicken the removable denture above the first front teeth and achieve a lifting effect of the upper lip.

In addition to the maximal hygienic conditions that we always provide during every procedure, the visit to our practice for medical aesthetic reasons is extremely discreet.

All newer dentistry courses highlight the impotance of comprehensive aesthetic treatment of patients and not only solving the function of teeth, which we also follow in our practice.

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