Collagen and elastin fibers are responsible for the beauty of naturally tense youthful skin, but with the process of aging and due to other harmful effects they eventually collapse. As a consequence, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes more and more wrinkled and dry.

Cosmetic interventions, including those which do not require the use of scalpels and needles, always result in visible side effects for some days and a certain period of time is needed for swelling and redness to disappear. The skin indeed is very sensitive and requires a thoughtful approach.

3 steps of facial rejuvenation  for optimal beauty effects

The new 3D facial rejuvenation method means a real little revolution in the field of skin rejuvenation as it takes effect from both sides – from inside and from outside. It consists of three steps or phases, which after the therapy combine in an effective and  skin-friendly treatment with immediate aesthetic result without lasting visible side effects (swelling, redness, scaling …).

The secret of this 3D rejuvenation process lies in the fact that the first phase is done from inside the oral cavity, while the following two phases serve to obtain a beautiful external look.


  • 1D: The phase from inside the oral cavity – the stimulation of natural collagen formation in the facial tissue takes place from inside, i.e. from the oral cavity.  This process uses laser beams of a special wavelength.  A significantly greater power can be applied, because the mucous membrane in the oral cavity is more resistant than the skin on the outside, and therefore we get great results. This phase provides intense stimulation of collagen, which is of key importance in eliminating wrinkles and increasing skin tension.
  • 2D: External phase – the use of laser beams with lower wavelength, which is responsible for deep effects – to reinforce the collagen, to connect subcutaneous layers and to tighten the skin.
  • 3D: The phase of surface peeling – to refresh the external layer of the skin. The purpose of this phase is to smooth remaining fine lines and to shrink your pores; your skin is shining again and looks youthful and fresh.

With the combination of 1D, 2D and 3D phases, the effects increase. Working principles are complementary and differ from phase to phase. The ultimate look not only brings about improvements in a particular area (e.g. the depth of the wrinkles), is has a complex effect (firmness, fullness, less pronounced wrinkles, more radiant, youthful skin).

3d method to fight against the most visible wrinkles

Wrinkles formed in the area around the mouth make your face look “older”; therefore the 3D face rejuvenation method is the perfect solution. The procedure is safe, painless, non-invasive, and can be efficiently used for  cheeks, mouth and a part of the chin.

A great advantage of using laser from the inside i.e. from the oral cavity is that the face looks natural after the treatment – so you do not need to worry about “artificial look”.


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Long lasting natural look of your skin

The treatment “from the inside out” in combination with three different wavelengths or laser power provides instant results without visible side effects of the therapy, while maintaining a natural look of the skin for almost a year and a half.

To guarantee the best results four treatments in intervals of three weeks are recommended.

Due to unavoidable natural aging of the skin, it is advisable to repeat the procedure after 12 to 18 months.

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