Skin changes aren’t only an esthetic problem, but can also bother us in everyday life or are even harmful. That is why it is recommended to start treating them as soon as possible. Today one of the most succesful methods is laser removal.

Laser removal of skin changes

For dermatologic procedures it is of extreme importance to first diagnose the change correctly, that’s why our dermatologist performs every check-up with a dermatoscope. Because the check up and procedure is performed by a doctor, specialist of dermatology, you also save time, because you do both in one place.

The best healing results and less chance for scar formation

After the check-up and diagnosis the dermatologist removes skin changes with a laser layer by layer from the skin. During the procedure itself the dermatologist also evaluates the needed depth of the procedure, in order for scars not to form or at least to make them invisible.

The dermatologist is available in our practice 2 Saturdays per month.


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Did you know that . . .

… Our dental practice offers also dermatologic procedures? This might seem a bit strange, but our denal chair and great local lighting enable very good spacial adjustment. Because the dermatologist has dental loupes at his desposal, he can see the skin and it’s details very precisely.

As it is known that watchmakers have the most precise tool among the mechanical professions, it is also known for dentists to have the most precise instruments in medicine. We use this to our advantage, our dermatologist performs all the procedures with the most precise and technologically fullfilled laser.

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Are you worried about a skin change or is it only bothering you when you dress? Does it bother you aesthetically?

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You can also check out a case of laser removal of a skin change in our practice:

1. stanje PRED POSEGOM

Before procedure

7. stanje 25 DNI PO POSEGU

After procedure