Non-surgical rejuvenation of the face with mesotrax

A beauty procedure. Admit it, it sounds Holliwood like, expensive and meant only for the chosen high class people. The fact is that time takes it’s toll on the skin, but facial rejuvenation and rejuvenation of other body parts isn’t as complicated as it seems. With the the new Mesotrax method and the use of PDO degradable threads (mesothreads) we can lift the face in an unpainful and simple way. In this way by inserting the threads not even in a very specific direction, the wanted effect is achieved.

Unpainful facial rejuvenation

Fear of facial lifting is usually connected to the fear of operations, long down time, adverse effects and prices. The advantages of Mesotrax show off all these fears:

  • The procedure is performed in local anaesthesia,
  • The procedure is gentle, uninvasive, unpainful and performed in opur practice,
  • The down time is short,
  • The effects can be seen immediately and last for one year,
  • This method can be combined with other prcedures (fillers-hyaluronic acid, botox…).

What are Mesothreads?


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Mesothreads or degradable threads are thin threads from the newest generation made from a material called PDO oziroma polidioksan. The material degrades and doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

Some threads are spirally twisted, some have tiny thorns on their surface. We insert them with special needles under the skin surface, where they hook into the tissue. We insert them in different directions and when inserted gently lift and tighten a certain part of the face.

The main advantage of threads is that they work in different to the wrinkle adapted ways, in addition to that we can insert them into different depths. We also call this method 3D mesothreads.

How do they work?

The inserted threads enhance the formation of new collagen (the protein that is responsible for skin tightness, elastyn (who is responsible for the elasticity of the skin) and it’s own hyaluronic acid (skin moisturizing). New tissue is formed around the thread and it keeps the skin firm and tight.

The threads also cause a better micro circulation of the tissue. The capilar system enhances, the tissue is more circulated and gets more oxygen and nutrients.

The skin stays tight and firm also after the thread degrades in a couple of months.

The effect can be seen for one year.

A longlasting effect

The result is:

  • Volume enhancing and wrinkle diminishing,
  • Skin lifting
  • Better tightness,
  • Better skin quality,
  • A natural facial look.

When and on which body parts do we use mesothreads?

They are used in men and women from the age of 35 to 55.

They are used on the entire face. They are used also on the lower third of the face where other methods aren’t so successful or not at all:

  • Hanging skin over the mandibular edge,
  • Double chin diminishing,
  • neck wrinkles.

It is not a replacement for surgical procedures

The method is not a replacement for surgical procedures, because we only lift the skin, tighten it and make it firm. This isn’t possible if there is not enough skin or it isn’t elastic enough (over 60 years old). In these cases only a surgical approach is suitable.


We would love to answer your questions, but they are best answered in person. After we see you, we will be able to decide about the most appropriate rejuvenation technique for you.

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