Changes that can be seen on the skin like pigmented stains, wrinkles or acne scars, are a consequence of hormone change, skin ageing and exposure to negative impacts like sunbathing. Pigmented stains and wrinkles aren’t a threat to your health, but they often have a negative effect on people’s perception of themselves and consequently lack of confidence.

There are different solutions for bothering skin changes, but every method has it’s proindications and contraindications:

Creams and other cosmetic products, that you can buy anywhere, nourish the skin, but don’t penetrate deep enough to fulfill our expectations.
Chemical peeling is more effective than other creams, but it is hard to determine the depth of it’s penetration into the skin. Because it has an effect on the whole surface that it is applied to, we can’t achieve an effect in only certain points, therefore healing is slow.
The laser method without the effect only in certain points is a method, where we irradiate the entire surface of the skin with the laser. That’s why the skin doesn’t have healthy parts in between and healing is slow.
The method of laser peeling only in cetain points is a method in which the laser beam splits into many microbeams that irradiate the skin in certain points, in between these points the skin remains untouched and healthy. That is why new, beautiful and healthy skin forms quickly form the healthy skin in the irradiated points. The recovery period is therefore much shorter than in comparison to other laser methods.
1a Moteca pigmentna lisa
Initial state
1b Poseg s tockastim laserjem
Procedure with the laser that affects only certain points
1c Takoj po posegu
Immediately after the procedure
1d Manj vidna pigmentna lisa
End state

How does the method of laser peeling in certain points work?

The peeling with the fractioned laser irradiates the skin with micro beams and forms microthermal spots on the skin that are sorounded by healthy skin. Among the laser irradiated spots we have totally healthy and untouched skin that helps to heal faster and therefore new beautiful skin forms.


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During the laser procedure we don’t use any substances or agressive chemicals, but only stimulate the natural recovery processes of the skin.

This method that irridiates in spots, lets the skin recover much faster than irridiating the entire surface at once. We take advantage of the natural healing process, that is why the recovery period is short. New healthy skin forms and replaces the flaws.

The procedure with the fractioned laser takes aproximately 40 minutes and consist of 3 steps:

  1. We clean the skin.
  2. We protect the eyes with glasses.
  3. The procedure takes place. You can feel the laser beam as warmth and tingling on your skin.

How does the skin look after the procedure with the fractioned laser?

Right after the procedure the skin is red, the redness stays for another 2 to 3 days. On the 3rd day the redness calms down and the skin gets a bronzed after sunbathing look. Tiny scales (like dry skin) start forming on the skin on the 4th day, but they don’t look bad. Between the 5th and 8th day the slight peeling of the skin ends.

Redness right after the procedure.
Tiny scales (4th day after the procedure).

Even though you can use your nourishing cream, make-up and continue with your daily activities very soon after the procedure (4th day), you need to avoid the sun for 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure or use sunscreen with a protection filter of 50+, because the skin is still very sensitive.

The number of recommended visits

We adjust the number of visits to the state of the skin and wishes of our patients. In general we recommend 2 to 4 visits with intervals of 4 weeks. The positive effects can be seen gradually after each visit.

Photographs of patients before and after the procedure

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