Enchanting young lips

Young lips are besides the eyes the first thing that gets noticed when we meet someone. Sadly they can also be the first to show signs of (premature) aging, that is why we need everyday care.
Taking care of them by regularly moisturizing them and ocasional aesthetic medical corrections ensures a longlasting fresh and young appearance- not only of the lips, but also the entire face.

We can achieve a harmonical appearanc and a natural look of full lips only with a combination of high quality fillers (hyaluronic acid) and a professionally performed procedure.

Why are beautiful lips so important?

Throughout the years they lose volume and become drier. Their shape changes from firm and arched features to a drooped one, which creates the appearance of aged lips. Thankfully we can effectively get rid of this problem with an aesthetic medical procedure, return the beauty to your lips, make ypur smile more beautiful and face younger.

Ustnice starejše ženske
The lips of an older woman
Ustnice mlajše ženske
The lips of a younger woman

Based on experience, professionals have come to the conclusion that the most beautiful smile belongs to the women with heart-shaped lips.
With a procedure we restore a youthful and attractive look without a surgical procedure and always use completely natural and biologically degradable hyaluronic acid.
The procedure is completely safe.

Youthful lips have a very tight edge of the upper lip, which is clearly parted in the middle and continues to the mouth corners. The corners of the mouth are neutrally a bit lifted, the lower lip is nicely round. Beautiful lips present a beautiful frame for an attractive face that rejuvenates the face immediately.

Why do we use a cannula during the procedure?

Kanila - točke vboda

We inject the filler into the lips through the canulla –hyaluronic acid – and by this shape it. Throughout the procedure the canulla makes way and doesn’t pierce the tissues like the needle. We use the needle only for material application in certain points to a smaller surface (usually larger amounts) and the cannula for horizontal distribution of material in larger surfaces. With the canullacause we can reach a wider range through one point and distribute the filler to a larger surface.





  • The procedure hurts;
  • More insertion points in one place;
  • The chance of applying the filler directly into the veins;
  • More tissue damage- a bigger chance of bruising.
  • The procedure is less painful;
  • Only one insertion point for one place;
  • There is no chance of applying the filler into the veins;
  • Minimal tissue damage, no bruising;
  • Short down time.
Igla Kanila

The use of the cannula- a very important advantage

The blunt tip of the cannula slides through the underlying tissue, whereas the needle cuts through tissue and veins. The filler also lasts longer because of less trauma, which is important in the lip area. The lips lose their volume much quicker than other facial parts. The reason for this is greater mobility, more blood circulation antageand the filler structure that is used for this part.
The advantages of the cannula are therefore greater effect, unscathed veins and quicker or almost immediate healing.
With the described technique we achieve a naturally beatiful look of the face that brings out your sensual and womanly smile.


We would love to answer your questions in person. We will be able to advise you after we see your facial shape and if the technique Heart lips will highlight the beauty of your face.

We would love to answer your questions in person. We will be able to advise you after we see your facial shape and if the technique Heart lips will highlight the beauty of your face.

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