Laser lip rejuvenation – Liplase

Not long ago, injecting fillers such as hyaluronic acid was the most common way to rejuvenate lips. Unfortunately, this procedure did not always produce the desired results, as it sometimes led to asymmetric, unnatural and often too large lips.

An alternative to injecting fillers is lip rejuvenation using laser LipLase that offers significant advantages:

  • the procedure is non-invasive and painless,
  • the lips retain their natural form,
  • individual therapy lasts not more than 15 minutes,
  • the procedure has no side effects (bruise, pain, allergies …).

Get fuller lips with natural collagen

The formation of collagen is stimulated by laser rays that penetrate deep into the lip tissue, and the lips become plumper and fuller. At the same time, a sagging skin becomes firmer, and there is less wrinkling around the mouth after the procedure.

The secret of the LipLase lip rejuvenation method is that using laser it stimulates the formation of natural collagen, and thus, the body itself provides for lip enlargement.

Laser is not a scalpel, but anyway … is the procedure safe?

Are you afraid of using laser on a soft tissue such as your lips? Do not worry! The method is absolutely safe and painless.  In case of very sensitive patients, an anesthetic cream can be applied, and most of them feel only barely perceptible stinging and warmth. We also protect your eyes from strong laser light.

The procedure is completed within 15 minutes. Since this method does not require any surgical intervention, there is no need for anesthesia, and after the procedure there are no stitches, scars, swelling or pain.


How many treatments are needed with the liplase method?

We recommend tree to four treatments. The interval between separate treatments is two to three weeks. The period needed for collagen formation depends on individual patients. Even if the results are visible immediately after the first treatment, the final effect will be achieved after several consecutive treatments.

How long last the results obtained?

Since the procedure is natural, the results obviously cannot last forever. Aging process cause tissue to lose its firmness, and thus the results of the LipLase method are visible for approximately six months after treatments.

However, the advantage of the LipLase method is that the results of the repeated therapy are visible almost immediately, as the collagen in the treated area starts to form very quickly.

Do you want fuller and more beautiful lips?

Lips greatly contribute to a youthful and attractive look and many people are convinced that their lips are not enough full, natural and beautiful. How satisfied are you with your lips?

  • Does it happen sometimes that the look of your lips in photos or videos makes you embarrassed?
  • Do you think that your lips lack firmness and fullness?
  • Are your lips disproportionate or do not match the shape of your face?
  • Are your lips not well defined?

If to at least one question you answered yes, do not hesitate to call us and make an appointment for a consultation. Together we will find a solution for your lips to beautify your smile.


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