A beautiful white smile attracts admiration. Teeth whitening following your dentist’s instructions and under your dentist’s surveillance is a safe and harmless procedure, which makes your teeth two or three shades whiter. Some people want to have whiter teeth so badly that they use unverified whitening gels. The majority of these kind of gels are very harmful and can hurt your enamel. We warmly advise against using unverified whitening gels without individually made whitening trays.

The most tooth-friendly whitening gel in the dental market

We use the most tooth-friendly whitening gel on the dental market: the White Dental Beauty system, which enables efficient and safe whitening.

The main advantages of the White Dental Beauty system are:

  • it is safe because the gel has a neutral pH that does not damage the enamel.
  • it is painless because the gel contains enough water to hydrate the tooth’s substance during whitening. Fluoride and sodium nitrate are also added to the whitening gel to further protect the teeth. The bleach does not irritate the gums as it is so thick that it stays inside the individually made trays.
  • it is gradual – the whitening takes several consecutive days, every day 1-2 hours. This way you control the desired whiteness of your teeth and you can always stop so that the teeth do not become too white.


We make individual whitening trays in our office. This is very important for gum protection and whitening accuracy.


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A white smile attracts admiration. You too can be admired for your white smile!

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