Correct oral hygiene is a prerequisite for beautiful teeth, which reflect the health of our teeth and gums. With everyday care we prevent:

Better to prevent than to cure

Despite meticulous oral hygiene, calculus can still appear. We cannot remove it by ourselves, we need to visit the dentist or oral hygienist.

The check-up at the dentist’s can reveal certain problems, which can be eliminated with preventive procedures, before the onset of serious tooth or periodontal illnesses. You can avoid agressive dental procedures.


When you notice a problem, don’t postpone solving it

With thourough daily oral hygiene you can prevent many problems and also quickly notice changes. When you notice them, visit the dentist, who will take care of the problem, so that it doesn’t turn into a serious one.

Problem Our solution
People prone to caries
(in their youth and after the age of 55)
Tooth staining because of tea, coffee, wine and smoking Removing tooth staining with air pressure, water and NaHCO3 (Air Flow)
Calculus under and above the gum Calculus removal with ultrasound
Calculus under the gum, on the roots of teeth Deep calculus removal under the gum- root planning and scaling
Advanced periodontal disease – periodontal pockets from 3 to 5 mm deep Laser removal of affected gum
Seriously advanced periodontal diseasee– periodontal pockets over 6 mm deep Surgical procedure

These are only a few procedures offered in our practice, we also perform other preventive and dental procedures. You can learn more about them on our page.

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