Tooth Gems

Dental jewelry is a fashion accessory, which can draw even more attention to your beautiful smile.

It is very important that the gem is light, reflects the light beautifully and shines. To achieve this it is very important to precisely choose the right place for it. The best place is the second incisor, because the light falls onto the gem under a certain angle and reflects beautifully. The second most appropriate place is the part of the canine that is next to the second incisor.

The light reflection of coloured gems is worse, that is why it often looks like a dark spot on the tooth.

fotografija s kristalcki

You can choose various colours and shapes of dental jewelry, but we only recommend a light round shaped gem, because all the others look like caries from the distance.

In our experience the only appropriate gem is of a round shape and very light. It is important that the gem is grinded under as many angles as possible, in order to reflect the light beautifully. It is the first gem in the following picture.

kristalcki ponudba

The condition for gem placement are healthy and beautiful teeth. It is very important thet the dentist checks the patient’s smile and how much he retracts the upper lip, how his lips move during talking etc. before placing it. Only in this way we can determine an esthetically functional place for the tooth gem.

In our practice we offer 2 sizes of tooth gems. We determine the size according to te size of your teeth (bigger teeth-bigger gem, smaller teeth-smaller gem).

Gem placement is safe and completely unharmful

Gem placement is simple and unpainful, because we don’ use burs and grind the tooth, but only glue the gem with a special dental glue. The procedure is completely unharmful, the removal doesn’t cause any consequences either.


The feeling after placement

The first day after placement you will feel the gem as a foreign object on the inner side of the lip, where it touches it. Till the next day, you get completely used to it and don’t feel it at all.

After we place the gem, you need to take care that you don’t bite very hard bread with your first teeth, because the gem can fall off. It sometimes happens that it falls off in 3 weeks. In this case we place a new one for free. If it doesn’t fall off in 3 weeks, it usually stays on the tooth for a few years.

ADVICE: Sometimes it looks like the gem isn’t shiny enough, because sometimes a thin plaque forms on the gem, when the composition of saliva changes. This prevents a good reflection of light. We recommend cleaning the gem with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. This is how you will get the shine back.

Removal without consequences

When you get fed up with the gem, we can simply remove it and remove the dental glue from the tooth. There is no sign of the gem after removal.

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