The procedure of teeth fluoridation with which we prevent the onset of caries is very simple and completely unpainful. When an oral hygienist or dentist applies fluorides on to the tooth surface, they integrate themselves into the enamel, which is therefore more resistant to the harmful effect of acids that come into our body with food or get produced during the process of food degradation in the mouth.

In the following video you can watch the teeth fluoridation procedure:

Fluorid application

Thourough oral hygiene + Fluoridation = a perfect combination for healthy teeth

Thorough oral hygiene, which includes regular teeth brushing, flossing and the use of interdental brushes, is the basis of a healthy and beautiful smile. You can additionally protect your teeth from caries with fluoridation. Research has shown that fluorides help to remineralize the enamel in early caries lesions. This is another reason, why you should visit your dentist regularly. He will advise fluoridation or any other preventive method if needed, in order to avoid more agressive procedures.

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Why is teeth fluoridation so important?

Teeth fluoridation is very important when there is a higher risk of caries:

  • With childrenthe biggest risk is the onset of caries during tooth eruption
  • Although the risk of caries is much lower between the age of 25 and 55, you should visit your dentist’s regularly, where he will notice any changes and advise you, how to prevent the onset of caries
  • After the age of 55the caries risk enhances again. The reasons are hormonal changes and a changed composition of saliva, gum recession and consequently exposed roots that are less resistant to caries.

The results of fluoridation are best if we perform it after removing calculus, because the tooth surfaces are plaque-free and fluoridation is more effective..
For optimal protection we recommend fluoridation to adults once a year and at least every 6 months for children.

I would like to know more

You can’t perform tooth fluoridation yourself. It is perfromed by an oral hygienist or dentist. However, you can take care of your oral hygiene taht helps to prevent caries. In the following videos you can watch the correct performance of:

Correct tooth brushing

Correct flossing

Correct use of interdental brush