Tooth staining

We know internal and external tooth staining. In most cases the reason for staining of teeth or just one tooth isn’t a serious disease. Despite this fact, staining can affect a person’s confidence, because the teeth can be greyish, yellowish, brownish, greenish, bluish, reddish o reven pinkish.

  • External stainingis a consequence of medication, smoking, certain food or drinks (coffee, tea, red wine…). The reason for it can also be bad oral hygiene. In addition to medication (chewing gum, syrup…) the staining can also come from iron and some vitamins.
  • Internal staining can be a consequence of genetics, trauma, dental procedures, some diseases and taking antibiotics (tetracyclines) during pregnancy. The reason for it can also be an excess intake of fluorides (fluorosis) that appears on the teeth as stripes or stains.

Make your teeth white again

External tooth staining can be removed by an oral hygienist, one visit is enough. If the teeth are still exposed to the reason of their staining (smoking, coffee…), the procedure has to be repeated after a few months.

Internal tooth staining is harder to eliminate than external, that is why you need to visit the dentist, who will propose various solutions to you based on the analyses of the reasons for staining:

  • intenal tooth whitening,
  • a filling,
  • a prosthodontic solution for the stained teeth.

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You can find out more about tooth staining removal and how to prevent it in the following videos (the videos are in English):

Tooth staining removal with the EMS machine