Cases of prosthetic solutions on implants

Three most common situations in which we use prosthetic solutions on implants, where we highly take into account the patient’s wishes are:

1. If the patient has a shortened dental arch and does not want to wear a removable denture, we use a fixed prosthetic solution on implants.

  1. If the patient is missing only a single tooth and does not want other healthy teeth to be grinded for the purposes of a bridge, we place an implant with a crown in it’s place.

  1. If the patient does not have any teeth left in the lower jaw and the removable denture moves a lot, we place two implants into the bone, that help us stabilize the denture.

Unreliable- a chance of moving and instability Reliable – is stable and does not move.
The feeling of a foreign object in the mouth cannot be totally eliminated. Better stability makes the wearing and use much more comfortable.
A toothpaste is often needed for adhesion. The adhesion toothpaste is not needed.
The quality and quantity of the bone under the prosthesis gradually decreases. The quality and quantity of the bone under the prosthesis is preserved.
Because of the decreasing bone volume, relining of the denture is needed. Because of minimal bone loss, the relining is rarely needed.
Breaks are common- repair is needed. Breaks are rare – the good adhesion of the denture prevents it.
Financially affordable option. A quality solution- today’s gold standard.


We have prepared the most common answers for you and a presentation of a clinical case of a fixed prosthetic solution on implants from our practice. You can watch it in the link below.

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