Fixed Prosthodontics – clinical cases from our practice

CLINICAL CASE 1: Treatment of the gum and replacing the old crown because of caries underneath

1. The patient’s state at the beginning

Caries underneath the crown, which reaches deep into the gum.

Before removing the crown we probe the caries lesion.
When removing the crown, we notice that the caries

extends itself deep into the gum.

2. Treatment
The treatment took us only one week-thanks to our laser. If we had used invasive classical procedures, the patient would have needed much more time to heal and more appointments.

3.ZACETNI_ODREZ laser_Nd YAG(_SP,50 Hz, 4W)DSC00542_2
The thickened gum has to be removed.
4.KONCNI_ODREZ_laser_ND_YAG(SP, 50 HZ,4W)DSC00543_2
We remove the tickened gum with laser(Nd:YAG), which leaves some edges.
5.DELO laser Er YAG(120mJ, 20 Hz, 2,4W, VLP) DSC00556_2
The final contouring of the gum with laser

(Er:YAG), which smoothens the gum.

6.KONCANO DELO Z laser ER, uporaba ViscoStata DSC00558_2
The removal of caries with laser(Er:YAG).
7.PREPARACIJA ZA ZALIVKO laser Er YAG(500mJ, 12Hz, 6 W, QSP)DSC00559_2
We had to treat the tooth because the caries

lesion was deep.

8.ZALIKA GINGIVALNO_2Making the filling next to the gum.

3. Healing
The healing is very quick, because the procedure is not invasive.

2 days after treatment
6 days after treatment

4. The final outcome
Thanks to the laser technology a great final outcome can be reached very quickly.

Model of a metal frame and bite in CAD/CAM.
Trying out the frame work.

The outline of the bridge in CAD/CAM.

CLINICAL CASE 2: Removal of overgrown gum and remodelling of it

1. The state at the beginning
Thickened gum, which is sometimes the consequence of clinical crown lengthening.

2. Treatment
We treated the patient with laser (Er:YAG), which is appropriate for soft and hard tissues.

2. A Zdravljenje
During the procedure
2.B Zdravljenje
The gum isn’t bleeding at the end of the procedure

3. Healing
The healing is very quick, because the procedure isn’t invasive.

3.a Celjenje
1 day after treatment
3.b Celjenje
7 days after treatment

4. The final outcome
The crown is sorrounded by healthy pink gum.
4. koncni rezultat

CLINICAL CASE 3: Making new crowns for all the teeth in the upper jaw

1. The state at the beginning
We needed to replace the teeth in the maxilla.

The patient’s x-ray
The model of the patient’s upper teeth before treatment

2. Treatment
We started the treatment by grinding the teeth to prepare them for the crowns. We had to additionally prepare the gums because the periodontal pockets were too deep in order to prevent inflammation and bleeding around the new crowns.

The periodontal pockets are slightly too deep
After laser treatment

3. Healing and impression
The gum heals very quickly. After 14 hours the gum is ready for the impression and provisional crowns.

After impression (14 hours after  laser treatment)
Gum impression(14,5 hours after laser treatment)
Provisional crowns
A picture of the grinded teeth in CAD/CAM
3d_celjenje_in_odtisModel of the metal frame in CAD/CAM 3f_celjenje_in_odtis
Finished crowns on the plaster model

4. Final outcome
We finished our prosthodontic rehabilitation in 19 days from the day we grinded the teeth. After the treatment the gum is a healthy pink colour.

View from the top
View from the front
View from the side
View from the side


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