A removable denture consists of one or more replaced teeth, which the patient can remove from their mouth. Considering how many teeth have to be replaced we know:

  • The total removable denture  which consists of an acrylic part (pink colour), which replaces the gum, and artificial teeth. There are no metal parts. This prosthesis is suitable when the patient doesn’t have any more teeth of his own.
  • The patial removable denture consists o fan acrylic part (pink colour), which replaces the gum, artificial teeth and a metal part. This prosthesis is suitable for patients who still have some teeth of their own.

Total removable denture

Partial removable denture

How to choose the right solution for you?

Based on the conversation with you and the inspection of the posssibly remaining teeth, we decide, which solution is more appropriate, and help you to decide based on our experience and professional knowledge.

There are many factors that we need to take into account, for example:

  • the state of the remaining teeth,
  • the layout of the remaining teeth,
  • your bite,
  • your general health,
  • your wishes about the wearing time of the denture,
  • your aesthetic demands,
  • other individual wishes.

Da vam bomo lahko odgovorili na vsa vaša vprašanja in svetovali najprimernejšo rešitev za vas, vas vabimo, da nas obiščete.

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Aesthetical and quality removable prosthodontics

Modern dentistry wants to replace metal materials with more aesthetic ones. Metal tooth replacements are less favorable among patients for their unaesthetic appearence-they are very noticeable.

The materials for quality  fixed prosthodontics with a natural look are already very well known and advanced (for exaple ceramics).

There has been intense progress with the materials in removable prosthodontics only in the past few decades. The reason for this is the wish to keep certain properties of the metal materials, for example hardness, and the need for extra physical properties, as elasticity, which is needed in certain parts of the prosthesis.

The new materials in current use don’t contain any toxic substances or allergens and are biocompatible. That is how we avoid recently growing allergies to acrylate (the part of the prosthesis that represents the artificial gum).

In this way we insure our patients’ confident and beautiful smiles, even when they lose their own teeth.

Older partial denture –
very noticeable metal part

Curretly used partial denture –
less noticeable metal part

Partial denture, which will be used in the future and is in certain cases with fulfilled conditions possible already today

Temporary removable prosthodontics

  • When the patient doesn’t want his teeth to be removed, even though they aren’t healthy

The placement of a longlasting prosthodontic solution requires healthy tissues. In many cases, sadly, the remaining teeth aren’t healthy enough. Because we understand that the decision to extract teeth, which sometimes look falsely healthy, is hard, we can now offer you acceptable solutions.

In the past we used to offer a temporary replacement, which wasn’t aesthetically acceptable. It was very unstable in the oral cavity, it even broke often. That’s why this period represented an inconvenient experience fort the patient.

Today we can make an aesthetically acceptable and much more stable prosthodontic replacement. That’s how we avoid negative experience.

Temporary prosthetic replacement in the past

Temporary prosthetic replacement today

  • When waiting fort the patient to lose his teeth naturally isn’t possible

It isn’t always possible to wait for the patient to lose his teeth naturally. The infected teeth have to be sometimes removed immediately. During this period, while the gum and the bone are healing, we offer you a temporary solution.

In the past we used to offer a temporary replacement with black clasps, which wasn’t aesthetically acceptable. In addition to this it was very unstable in the mouth, it even broke often. That is why this period represented a negative experience for the patient.

In the past– prosthodontic replacement with black clasps

Today we can offer you an esthetic replacement with white clasps instead of the unesthetic one with black clasps.

Today-prosthodontic replacement with white clasps

We often replace white clasps with white facets. This prosthodontic product is even more stable and aesthetically acceptable.

Today– prosthodontic replacement with white facets


We prepared 4 cases from our practice for you to see the process of making a replacement. You can take a look on the following link.

Removable prosthodontics from our practice

Do you have additional questions? We can answer them after a check-up and conversation with you, after we get to know your wishes and the state of your remaining teeth.

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