Prosthodontics is a branch of dental medicine, which insures that lost teeth are replaced.

Lost teeth can be replaced in two ways – with fixed or removable dentures. The names itself explain the way they attach in the mouth.

Fixed Prosthodontics

In fixed prosthodontics we replace lost teeth with replacements that are not removable. We place and cement the new teeth to previously grinded natural teeth, that is why patients can’t remove them from their oral cavity on their own. Because they are fixed and look perfectly the same as natural teeth, they are very functional.

Fixed prosthodontic restorations include:

  • bridges
  • crowns,
  • veneers,
  • ceramic fillings that are cemented to the tooth (inlay, overlay).




In our practice we always use the most modern and precise system for fixed prosthesis production, which is called CAD/CAM technology. The CAD/CAM computer technology insures that there are way fewer mistakes than before when we didn’t use computer guided systems. That is how our patients get a really precise and quality dental restoration. 


Removable Prosthodontics

In removable prosthodontics  we know partial and total dentureswhich can be removed by patients themselves and cleaned every day with tap water.

totalna_snemna_protezaTotal prosthesis

delna_snemna_protezaPartial prosthesis

Removable posthodontics is less popular with patients, because it is not totally fixed, even if it is correctly placed. The patients often feel that the denture is a foreign object in their mouths, because its size decreases their ability to taste food, and at first hinders the natural motility of the tungue and consequently talking. In addition to this the removable prosthesis is sometimes less aesthetical than fixed prosthodontic solutions. 

For this reasons we choose removable prosthodontic solutions only when fixed prosthodontic solutions are not possible. 

We offer our patients also the most modern solutions: 

  • Total dentures made out of biocompatible materials.
  • Instead of using metal clasps for partial dentures we can choose white clasps. In this way we achieve more aesthetic results

In our practice we always choose the most functionalprecise and aesthetic solutionThey are mostly described on our web page. In addition to this, we invite you to visit our practice, so we can choose the most appropriate solution for you. 

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